Executive Certificate in Health Administration

A 15-credit-hour certificate is available for people who want advanced education in healthcare management but who do not wish to pursue a full graduate degree. Applicants should have prior professional experience in the healthcare field and may begin in any semester during the year. Anyone interested in the certificate should arrange an interview with the Graduate Health Administration Program Director to review the available courses and to agree to a 15-credit-hour plan of study designed to meet identified career goals. An  application, including the plan of study, is then made to CGCE. Regular admission requirements and the procedures of CGCE must be met. Once accepted, the student must complete the agreed upon program of study within three years. No courses from other institutions may be transferred for the certificate.

The program is dedicated to adults with both clinical and administrative backgrounds who seek to develop leadership and management skills and competencies for personal and career growth.  The certificate is tailored towards specific learning needs and is customized to the student.Employment opportunities for certificate recipient may include: Department Assistant in long-term care facilities; and entry-level management positions in hospital administrations, such as Operation Analyst or Financial Analyst.