Article 1 - Officers and Members

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Section 1. Eligibility requirements   

The Graduate and Continuing Education Student Organization (GCESO) is comprised of adult undergraduate students and graduate students.  Any students in good academic standing (meaning not on academic or disciplinary probation) may be a part of the organization.  All graduate assistants and recipients of the Charlotte Newcombe and O’Hara awards are automatic members of the GCESO.  

Section 2. Eligibility Requirements for Elected Officers   

All elected officers must be in good academic standing.  All elected officers must be registered students.  

Section 3. Responsibilities of the Officers   


  • Serve as the official representative of GCESO.  
  • Serve as a liaison between the administrative offices at the University of Scranton, including the Dean of CGCE.  

Vice President 

  • Sets the agenda in consultation with the President. 
  • Ensures that the enactments of the GCESO are properly communicated to the campus community. 
  • In the absence or removal of the President, assumes the responsibilities for the remainder of the term.  


  • Records minutes at all meetings. 
  • Keeps a record of attendance at all meetings. 
  • Assists with paperwork and procedures.  


  • Responsible for making regular reports regarding the GCESO finances.
  • Prepares financial summaries at the beginning and end of each fiscal year.    

 Section 4. Advisor  

  • The advisor of GCESO monitors actions of the officers and members. 
  • The advisor ensures that the Executive branch and the Representatives fulfill their duties. 

Article 2 Elections

Section 1. Executive Officers   

  • The elected officers of GCESO shall be: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and a Secretary.  
  • All officers shall serve without salary or other financial remuneration.  
  • The term for an elected officer is one year. An officer may choose to re-run for a current position or for another office as long as he/she is a registered student for the following term.  
  • Adult Undergraduate and Graduate students are eligible to run for each position.  
  • The President and Secretary will be elected at the end of the Spring term for the next two semesters (Fall and Spring). The exception is the first election for GCESO which will be held at the beginning of the Spring term (2009) and the President and Secretary will serve for 3 semesters.  
  • The Vice-President and Treasurer will be elected at the end of the Fall semester for the next two semesters (Spring and Fall).The exception being the initial elections (Spring 2009) when the Vice-President and Treasurer will be elected at the beginning of the Spring term. 

Section 2. Election Procedures   

  • In order to ensure there are not four new officers each year, elections will alternate each Spring and Fall Term for the following positions:  
    • The President and the Secretary will begin office at the start of the Spring Term during the academic year and will remain in office for one year until the following Spring Term. Therefore, elections for the President and Secretary will be held near the end of the Fall Term. 
    • The Vice President and Treasurer will begin office at the start of the Fall Term during the academic year and will remain in office for one year until the following Fall Term. Therefore, elections for the Vice President and Treasurer will be held near the end of the Spring Term

Section 3. Voting  

  • All members are eligible to vote in GCESO elections. Each member shall have one vote.  
  • Elected officers will be determined by a majority of the legal votes. 

Article 3 Removal/Withdrawal of Officers

Section 1. Executive Removal
  • The President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer may be removed for blatant neglect of duty or disregard of rules and regulations.
  • To remove an officer:
    • A written statement of the charges brought against the officer to be removed must by signed by 4 GCESO members and submitted to the Secretary at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting at which the petition for removal will be discussed.
    • The officer charged will be given the opportunity to publicly respond to charges at the meeting at which the petition is discussed.
    • In no case shall the person who is undergoing removal proceedings run the meeting at which his/her removal is to be voted upon. If the President happens to be the person undergoing the removal proceeding, then the Vice President will chair the meeting.
    • A vote on the petition for removal may occur at the meeting at which the petition for removal is discussed.
Section 2. Executive Withdrawal
  • If the President has to forgo his/her position, the Vice-President will assume the role of President.
  • If the Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer has to forego his/her position, a special election will be held to replace the individual.

Article 4 Amndments

  • Any member of GCESO may propose amendments to the By-Laws.
  • The proposed amendment must be submitted in writing to the Secretary.
  • The Secretary shall include the proposed amendment in the agenda and publicly announce the proposed amendment at the start of the following GCESO meeting. 
  • The proposed amendment may not be voted upon until there has been an opportunity for review and discussion amongst the members of GCESO.
  • Amendments shall become effective after a two - thirds vote, quorum provided. 

Article 5 Meeting Procedures, Roberts Rules of Order

Article 6 Committees

  • Two students from GCESO will serve on the President’s council (1 graduate, 1undergraduate)
  • Two Students from GCESO will serve on the Library Advisory Committee, (1 graduate, 1 undergraduate)
  • One Graduate student will serve on the CGCE Dean’s Conference for Graduate Students.
  • One Undergraduate student will serve on CGCE Dean’s Conference for Undergraduate Students.
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