Accelerated Master's Degree


Undergraduate students of the University with outstanding undergraduate records may apply for early admission to a master's degree program through the Accelerated Master's Degree Program.

An undergraduate student, who plans to go on to graduate study in Community Counseling, Health Administration, Human Resources, Nursing, Rehabilitation Counseling, School Counseling,  or numerous programs in the field of Education may be eligible for admission to the Accelerated Master's Degree Program. This program allows an undergraduate student who has an excellent academic record, to complete requirements for the baccalaureate, while also enrolling in graduate courses. In participating undergraduate programs, students may apply up to 12 of their accumulated graduate hours toward the completion of their undergraduate degree requirements. (Each participating department determines the maximum number of hours applicable to the undergraduate degree requirements.)  In some departments, graduate course work may be substituted only for elective undergraduate course work and cannot be used as substitution within the major. The student's undergraduate advisor, in consultation with the graduate program director, will recommend graduate coursework that will meet undergraduate requirements. The selection of the graduate course work and the number of credits to be applied toward an undergraduate degree requires the approval of the student's undergraduate program advisor, the chair of the department housing the student's undergraduate program, the graduate program director in the student's academic discipline, the appropriate dean who is responsible for the undergraduate program, and the Dean of CGCE.  Students will earn their undergraduate degree upon completion of all undergraduate requirements and will then continue with their graduate study.  Graduate coursework taken as part of the undergraduate program will also count toward the graduate degree program.

A student who has achieved an overall Grade Point Average of

3.5 after 64 semester hours,

3.4 after 80 semester hours,

3.3 after 96 semester hours, or

3.2 after 112 semester hours

may apply for early admission to a participating master's degree program by:

A. Completing the Application for Graduate Admission;

B. Completing the Accelerated Master's Degree Program form that includes:

1. listing the courses at the undergraduate level that need to be taken for completion of the requirements for the baccalaureate degree;

2. indicating the beginning date for graduate study, and

3. listing of graduate courses to be utilized in satisfying the undergraduate degree requirements;

C. Completing a prospectus of study leading to the completion of undergraduate degree and graduate degree requirements;

D. Providing three letters of recommendation from instructors who are familiar with the student's achievements and intended academic goals; and

E. Submitting any needed test scores from standardized examinations.

The department that sponsors the particular graduate degree program will review the completed application and forward a recommendation to the graduate dean concerning possible admission.

NOTE: A student, who has earned credits elsewhere, including transfer of credit from other colleges as well as AP courses taken in high school, may be considered for an accelerated or combined program. The student must have earned at least 32 graded semester hours at The University of Scranton within the indicated GPA requirements.

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