Veterans' Club Minutes 2013

September 12, 2013

Here are our notes for our first meeting:

    - From what we learned from our first meeting, due from being disbanded years ago, this is re-building the Veterans Club of the University Of Scranton.  So we are reviving this tradition for our future veteran students.  Possibly a Veterans Liason for a vet to go to on how to deal w/ using resources here on campus, or even help with dealing with the VA.  Let’s keep the tradition growing!

    - As of now, our future-temporary location of the club will be located at the Old Loyola Building across the street from the new science building.

    - Our webpage is buried deep in the website, but we are working on it to build.  So far, it’s looking pretty good!

    - Dr. Porter has opened up his office for us.  He is located on the 2nd floor next to the Student Activities.  He is willing to open his doors for a possible quiet place to study and research. 

    - Our Veteran Day Luncheon is coming up.  Time and location will be on Veterans Day Monday November 11th at the Grand Ballroom in DeNaples.  An exact time will be determined later on.  Our veterans on campus, faculty, staff and student will be recognized.  Some talk of a speech or two was mentioned.  If anyone is interested in doing so, feel free. Other ideas brought up were possibly laying flags in one area to represent our fallen veterans, possibly DeNaples or the Chapel. Any other ideas come to mind shout them out.  More info to follow.

   -  Families for Veterans is an organization that helps out comrades.  An idea was brought up of us coexisting and working together.  Something to think about for Veterans Day.

    - The President of the University is looking for a POA for the Veteran Club.

    - Universities around the country recognize some of our military training and service for credits through school, unfortunately, to our knowledge, Scranton U does not do this.  When I was a student at Lackawanna College, I received credits just for finishing boot camp.  We will be looking for ways to have Scranton recognize our service for credits. More to follow.

     -Chris Swinesburg mentioned his involvement with Toys for Tots while serving in the USMC.  We would like to bring this to the university when the holidays start to get closer by putting boxes around campus.  Having all that traffic in DeNaples is a great start. 


    Thank you all for coming to our first Veteran Club meeting of the semester.  Spread the word and let’s keep this tradition going!


Earl Granville

Sergeant of the Guard

23 October 2013


DATE:   23 Oct 2013


Present:   Alan Craig; David Phillips; Bob Zelno; Gretchen Bentler; Chris Reichard;

                  Christopher Swinesburg; Jedediah Stewart; Ray Burd (guest).


Opening Remarks:    Club President opened the meeting at 12:03 pm addressing last week’s agenda item of regrouping and refocusing and presented the following as agenda items for this meeting.

St Francis Commons (Homeless Vets) & Soup Kitchen:    Bob made arrangements for Club members to meet with Msgr Joseph Kelly, Exec Director of Catholic Social Services in order to learn more about the Diocese of Scranton homeless vet project on Thursday evening Nov 7 piggybacking with a serviced project at the St Francis Soup Kitchen.  A notice of the event was sent out to all Club members which resulted in only two responses by the rsvp date.  (The service project was subsequently canceled.)

Gino Merli Center.   A date (Pearl Harbor  Day) of Sat., Dec 7 was set for the next visit to the Center and Chris agreed to coordinate that date with the Center beforehand so that a general announcement can be issue to all members.   Members will plan to distribute wheelchair bags as gifts at that time which have been and are being prepared by the University OT Department.

Veterans Day Lunch:  Ray Burd, a member of the Veterans Advocacy Committee attended a portion of the meeting to provide information on the upcoming annual event to which all members will be invited. A Veterans Day Lunch will be held on Monday, Nov 11 at 11:45 am in the DeNaples Center Ballroom. Bob will provide Ray with the names and addresses of all student vets on campus so that a hard-copy invitation can be mailed.   Funding is being provided by the Office of the Provost and more information will be provided at the next meeting.  As a sidebar, Mr Burd was most optimistic about the University providing space for an office for the Club.

Publicity:   Bob made reference to keeping the Veterans Club webpage up to date and to provide any pertinent information to Dr. Phil Yevics as needed.  Chris R spoke of creating a poster/flyer raising the awareness of the Veterans Club on campus.

Multicultural Affairs:   The latter meets monthly and a suggestion was made that the Vets Club be represented.  Dave Phillips volunteered.

Toys for Tots.    Marine Corp vet Chris R suggested we participate and agreed to contact the University Director of Community Affairs, Julie Shumaker Cohen to coordinate the event.  Drop off boxes are scheduled to be in place on Dec 13.

Elections:   Gretchen made reference to Club officer elections and read quotes from the by-laws contained on the Veterans Club web page.   In the interim, Chris S succeeded Perry Cross as Club Treasurer.  

 Other:  Military Heros of NEPA:    Jedediah Stewart brought the Club’s attention to upcoming events:

Nov 1: 5:30 pm, Balloon launch at the military memorial on Courthouse Square in honor or a soldier or to wish one well.   A meet and greet will follow at the Hilton Hotel where Military Heros will be on hand for a reception in support of our local military men and women.   NEPA Military Heros are being  featured in a 2014 calendar (in which our own Sergeant at Arms Earl Granville is included.)  Calendars benefit the St Francis Commons, a transitional housing complex being built for homeless vets. On Sat, Dec 7, a 5K walk/run will take place to benefit the calendar project.  More info from Michael or Maureen at 570-558-7293 ext 1 or

Families for Veterans.  Chris R brought this organization to the attention of the Club with a suggestion of volunteering some time to this worthy project which includes the use of art, music and writing therapy for veterans. Further info made be found at:  FamiliesforVeterans.Com

Club Logo.  A discussion ensued relative to a new or additional club logo and is being pursued by interested club members

Next Meeting:    This meeting adjourned at 1300 hrs and the next meeting was scheduled for Wed, Oct 30; 12:15 hrs, 2nd floor conference room, O’Hara Hall 208.


Dates to Remember:


Wed Oct 30:  Veterans Club Meeting

Fri Nov 1:        Military Heros of NEPA

Mon Nov 11:  Veterans Day Luncheon

Sat Dec 7:       Visit to Gino Merli Center

Sat Dec 7:       5K Walk Run Benefits St Francis Commons

Fri Dec 13:      Toys for Tots


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