Choosing an Academic Program

Graduate Students

A student admitted to Graduate Studies is admitted to a particular program.  If he or she decides to change his or her program of study, then he or she must file a Graduate Program Change Form with the Office of Student Services and Advising.  [This policy does not apply to a non-matriculating student.  For more information see the Application as a Non-Matriculating Student .]

Undergraduate Students

Most undergraduate students are admitted to a particular degree program, however many students change their major at least once before graduating.  Selecting a major should be discussed with an Academic Advisor during the first advising appointment.

The Office of Career Services can also assist students as they consider what major to pursue.  Students are strongly encouraged to consult with Career Services soon after they begin classes at the University of Scranton.

Students and their advisors use the Curriculum Compliance Form or capp sheet to apply the credits they have earned to the requirements of a particular degree program.  Students who are considering a different major should run a web-capp for the new major to see what classes they would need to take for that program.

A Change of Curriculum form is used to formally change one's Major.  This triplicate form can be obtained from the Registrar's Office in St. Thomas 301, or from any of the Academic Advising Centers.