Japanese Languages Resources


Resources in the Lab

Dictionaries and other resources:

An Invitation to Contemporary Japanese*
ALC Press Japanese Textbook Series (Kanji Character)
Japanese for College Students
Kanji Dictionary*
Kenkyusha’s New School (Japanese-English Dictionary)
Kokugo-Jiden Dictionary
Langenscheidt Picture Dictionary (Japanese-English)
Living Language (Japanese-English English-Japanese Dictionary) 
The Complete Japanese Verb Guide
The New Nelson (Japanese-English Character Dictionary)
The Oxford-Duden Pictorial (Japanese-English Dictionary)
Renyi Picture Dictionary (Japanese-English)
Situational Functional Japanese


Elementary Japanese Genki Textbook Ch. 1 – 4 (3 copies)*
Elementary Japanese Genki Workbook Ch. 1 – 4 (7 copies)*
Genki Workbook Japanese CD (3 copies)*
Japanese World Talk (7 copies)
Minna No Nihongo Textbook CD1 (2 copies)
Minna No Nihongo Textbook CD1 (original copy)
Minna No Nihongo Listening Practice (2 copies)
Rosetta Stone Japanese

A Taxing Woman
Black Rain 
Come See the Paradise
White Out

Culture Videos:

AIUDEO Song Japanese Videos
AK10 Japanese
American Family in Japan
Japanese Channel I 10:00-10:30am
Japan News 12:00-12:45 pm
Japanese 9/12/99 Fuji Fun Time
Japanese “Sumo”
Japanese videos written in Japanese (3 videos)
Japanese TV Show #1
Japanese TV Show #2
Japanese TV Shows #3
Kyoto (Japan) Fall
Panda Bear Family

Drama and Variety:
Japanese TV Drama I (written in Japanese)
Japanese TV Drama II (written in Japanese)
Japanese Music Show
Japanese Music Show II
Japanese Cartoon “Chibi Maruko”
Japanese Drama + Smap x Smap
Japanese Drama “Summer Snow” Part I
Japanese Drama “Summer Snow” Part II

Video Series:

Japanese: Unit 1 (Lesson 1-5)
Japanese: Unit 2 (Lesson 6-10)
Japanese: Unit 3 (Lesson 11-15)
Japanese: Unit 4 (Lesson 16-20)
Japanese: Unit 5 (Lesson 21-25)
Japanese: Unit 6 (Lesson 26-30)
Japanese Language and People (Programs 1-4, 5-8, 9-10)
Japanese Language and People (Duplicate)