Faculty/Student Research Collaborations

The University of Scranton Psychology Department provides at least three avenues for faculty-sponsored student research.

1. All students may volunteer their time and resources as a research assistant without academic credit.

2. The Faculty/Student Research Program (FSRP) is a university-wide program.  Although the FSRP program is offered on a non-credit basis, students receive transcript recognition for their participation.

3. Students may enroll in Undergraduate Research in Psychology (PSYC 493 and 494) which provides students both academic credit and transcript recognition.


SPRING 2014:

Faculty Student FSRP/UG Research/Volunteer
Dr. Burnham James Cilento    UG Research
Leah Davidovich    UG Research
Dr. Hogan Jessica Echeverry    UG Research
Pai-Chen Hsueh    UG Research


Dr. Karpiak Carmellina Napolitano    UG Research
Dr. Kuhle Walter Cantwell    FSRP
Leah Davidovich    FSRP
Jessica Lyman    FSRP
Jamie Mizerak    FSRP
James Moran    FSRP
William Krieger    FSRP
Dr. Nolan Martha Triano    Honors Project Research
Dominic Andrews    UG Research
Dr. Norcross Katerina Stratigis    FSRP
Barrett Zimmerman    FSRP
Dr. Warker Matthew Rupert    FSRP





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