Law schools want your transcripts so they can see the level and variety of the courses you've taken.  Law schools like transcripts that show challenging, advanced courses in a variety of subject areas.

You need to provide a transcript from ANY school at which you took courses, even if you just took one course for fun. These transcripts must be official ones sent directly from the school's Registrar's office. Most schools have transcript request forms available and charge nominal fees per transcript. For information on requesting a transcript from The University of Scranton, click here:

If you’ve studied abroad, you need a transcript from:

  • Any foreign institution you attended for more than one year-
    If you attended for less than one year and did not list the school as a university at which you were registered, then you do NOT need a transcript. If you did list it as a university at which you were registered, you DO need a transcript.
  • Any American university through which you enrolled in study abroad-
    You do NOT need a transcript if you studied through your home school and your courses were assigned a number, name, and grade. These courses will be on your official transcript already.

If you have withdrawals and Pass/NP courses:

  • Having one or two withdrawals over your entire college career is okay. Having more than two withdrawals should be explained in an Addendum. (For more on Addendums, please see the Addendum page.)

Pass/NP courses do not get calculated into your GPA. Do not take more than two
Pass/NP courses over your college career.

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