What Courses Should I Take?

Take Challenging Courses

Law school admissions officers like to see that you have challenged yourself intellectually and have been able to handle the challenge well.  For example, they will put far more weight on an advanced economics grade, than they will on a phys ed grade.

Take a Variety of Courses

It is essential to a lawyer's profession to be culturally literate. The more variety of courses you have, the better able you will be to understand a variety of topics that your cases might present.

Law schools are interested in your ability to perform rigorous analytical research, to write well, to present, and to persuade.  Therefore, it is necessary to perform well in classes that represent your ability to perform these activities.

Law-related classes may allow you to get a feel for law as a general subject, but they neither cover the material in the same depth nor embody the intensity or rigor of law school. Therefore, you should not try to take an abundance of law related classes.  It is more important that you take challenging courses that interest and in which you believe you can perform well.

Choose your college major because it is of interest to you, not because you believe it will look good to law schools

If you choose a major you will not enjoy, you are more likely to not perform as well as if you had majored in something you do enjoy.

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