LSAT - Preparation

Self Study

One path to preparing for the LSAT is self-study. This is a way to save money for a very well disciplined student. You must be able to pace yourself, and keep track of the amount of hours you  have studied and practiced.

To prepare for the LSAT you should have at least 50 hours of self-study, using a variety of preparation materials related to the LSAT.

Ask advice from the program advisors about which LSAT preparation books are best for a Self-Study student.

Take multiple practice LSAT tests to get a feel for the real test.

Timing is very important while studying and working on practice tests.  Preparation is most effective when it is done under timed circumstances.

LSAT Preparation Courses

LSAT preparation courses are one of the best ways to prepare for the LSAT. Instructors will teach you helpful tips to study more efficiently and score higher on the LSAT. The instruction is very useful, but also very expensive. Some courses can cost up to $1300.

For additional information on this topic, please refer to the Application Section of this website.

Practice LSAT Tests

The best type of LSAT preparation is actually taking a previously released LSAT exam. Practice LSAT exams are offered every year by multiple college campuses. Notifications of these exams are sent out by colleges and universities to help students become aware of upcoming practice tests. If you would like to be informed of any upcoming practice tests, please consult Dr. Wolfer in the Pre-Law Advising Program.

Many practice tests can also be found in LSAT preparation textbooks, and in LSAT courses. Practice tests will help assimilate your mind to the long sections and critical thinking needed.

Commercial LSAT preparation Courses

Dr. Frank Homer, former Pre-Law Advisor and professor at the University of Scranton, offers an on campus LSAT workshop that consists of 8 sessions spanning 26 hours. The sessions include the administration of three authentic sample tests under simulated test conditions. There will also be additional practice tests provided to all workshop participants. The registration fee is $225 and registration forms can be obtained at the History Department office located at 251 St. Thomas Hall. For any further information regarding this course please contact:

Dr. Frank Homer

Several large test review companies such as Kaplan, Princeton Review, and LSAT Prep Courses offer in-class preparation courses. When deciding on a LSAT prep classes, find out how many hours of instruction each course offers, do not count time taking proctored practice tests, just class time. A typical course offers 20 hours of LSAT review and strategy sessions. Find out how many full length practice tests come with the course, 5 or more is optimum, and be sure that they are official exams from the LSAC and not tests developed by the test prep company, you will want to study with real exams. Finally, ask about the prices and any refund policies. After you have acquired all of the necessary information for each option, compare and contrast between them and choose a course that offers the best quality of preparation keeping in mind your schedule, your financial capabilities, and the geographical location of the course.

The Princeton review

Kaplan LSAT Preparation

Powerscore LSAT Prep

* For further information regarding LSAT Preparation courses please refer to our Helpful Websites When Considering Law School page

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