LSAC and LSDAS Information

What is the LSAC?

The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) is a nonprofit corporation whose goal is to provide the highest quality admission related services for legal education institutions and their applications around the world. The LSAC administers the LSAT.

What is the LSDAS?

The Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS) assembles data derived from candidates' transcripts from all colleges attended, and any LSAT scores, and compiles them into a "Master Law School Report." In addition to the transcript report, LSAT scores earned in the last five years will be reported.

The Credential Assembly Service (LSDAS) creates your law school report by combining:

An academic summary report;

LSAT score(s) and writing sample(s);

Copies of all undergraduate, graduate, and law/professional school transcripts; and

Copies of Letters of Recommendation, if applicable.

The Credential Assembly Service fee covers:

Transcript summarization (as well as authentication and evaluation, if applicable),

Creation of your law school report,

Letter of recommendation processing, and

Electronic application processing for all ABA-approved law schools.

Registering for LSDAS

Almost all ABA-accredited law schools require that you register with LSDAS. You may register at . You are responsible for having your transcripts sent to LSDAS on the website.

When Should I Subscribe to LSDAS?

Your subscription to LSDAS lasts for five years from the date of registration, so once you are certain that you will apply to law school, there is no need to wait.

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