Pete Coppa

Pete Coppa - Engineering Internship at Lockheed Martin

During the summer of 2009, I was employed as an intern with Lockheed Martin Corporation  in King of Prussia, PA, outside of Philadelphia.  Here, I was assigned to a Lockheed Martin custom software program where I designed and implemented updates to the program.  The program was designed in Microsoft Access and connected to a database to gather and display information.  I gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience in databases, SQL Server, MS Access, and the SQL programming language.  I constantly collaborated with teammates and management to record and review what updates were needed.  After needed changes were brought to my attention, I was able to implement the updates and alter the program to better suit the needs of those who used it.  In addition, I established and held weekly meetings with teammates and management to review my progress and accept further changes in a formal setting.

- Pete Coppa Class of 2011

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