David Dzurec

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David Dzurec received his Ph.D from The Ohio State University in 2008. He earned his MA in History at the University of Connecticut and received his BA in History from Fairfield University.  His current research explores the impact of captivity on the politics of the Early American Republic.  He also serves as the faculty mentor to the cross-country team.




Courses Taught

  • Hist 110 History of the United States to 1877
  • Hist 111 History of the United States from 1877
  • Hist 140 The Craft of the Historian
  • Hist 311 American Revolution, 1763-1789
  • Hist 312 Early American Republic, 1789-1824
  • Hist 338 American Foreign Relations to 1900
  • Hist 339 20th Century American Foreign Relations
  • Hist 490 Senior Seminar
  • An Environmental History of the United States
  • First-Year Seminar: The Jesuits and American History to 1877
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