Course Registration

How to Register for Courses

Click to view our video explaining the pre-registation and registration process.  You may view it in QuickTime or Microsoft.




Pre-Registaration Steps

Registration Steps:

1.  You will receive an email from the Academic Advising Center informing you that your registration letter is ready to be picked up. Typically the email is sent out mid-September for spring/intersession registration and mid-February for fall/summer registration. 

2.  Once you receive the email, go to 209 Saint Thomas Hall and pick up your appointment letter.  This letter will tell you the day and time of your pre-registration appointment.  You will also receive a semester questionnaire, updated CAPP sheet and course registration form. 

3.  Once you get all the material, it is time to start planning your upcoming semester schedule and preparing for you advising appointment:

  • Fill out the Semester Questionnaire in your appointment letter envelope.
  • Review the online catalog ( to determine what major and cognate courses are required for your major for the upcoming semester.
  • Review your CAPP to determine your progress in completing required general education courses.  Decide which ones you would like to complete in the following semester.
  • Using the online course schedule search, begin creating a schedule.  When creating your schedule, determine what times would work best for you.  For example, do you accomplish more in the morning or the afternoon?  Do you prefer to have a break between classes or end your day early? For assistance on how to use the online course registration search, click here

4.  Once you have determined which courses you plan on taking, fill out the course registration form.

  • Use a black or blue pen when writing on the form.  Make sure you write dark enough so it will show up on all sheets. 
  • Fill out all the entire form including name, Royal ID, phone number, email, major(s), minor(s), etc. 
  • When filling in specific courses, complete all areas including CRN, Subject, Number, Section, Course Title, Credits and days and times of each course.  Do not put an “X” on the day of the course.  Instead, fill in the time of the course.
  • Look at our example on what a completed for should look like.