Biology Program Overview


The Biology department offers courses in a wide variety of topics and discipines, including Molecular Biology, Physiology, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior. Biology majors take at least four credits in each of three disciplinary areas: Molecular/Cellular; Systems; and Multi-Organismal.This provides majors with a broad perspective in modern Biology. From there, each major may specialize in the areas of biology which best suit their career preparation.


In addition to our traditional classroom-based course offerings, we offer courses that involve field study and travel. These give our students a unique insight into other environments and cultures, as well as gives them an appreciation of the global applications of the Biological Sciences.

For more information on our curriculum and courses, select the links below:

For Bio Majors who started Fall 2013 or later: major program and the major courses; Course Catalog for 2013-2014

For Bio Majors who started any time before Fall 2013: major program and the major courses; Course Catalogs for 2012-2013, 2011-2012, or 2010-2011.



The program is designed to give the Biology majors basic skills basic expertise and skills in a variety of aspects of biological scientific competency. These skills include laboratory expertise, experience with biological data evaluation, mastery of the scientifc method, biological writing, and oral communication.