Biology 479

What is Biology 479?

Biology 479 is a no-credit course that outlines the variety of learning activities and skills required of every Biology major at our University.  This course is required of any student who became a Biology major on or after Fall 2014. 

The course does not involve actual class time.  It is a mechanism that the Biology department employs to ensure that each Biology major gains basic expertise and skills in a variety of aspects of biological scientific competency.  Students must successfully complete courses in a variety of fields of study (Molecular/Cellular, Systems Biology, and Multiorganismal Biology) as well as demonstrate competence in oral and written communication, application of the scientific method, and data analysis and synthesis.

How do you go about completing this course?

Students register for this course in the fall or spring semester in the terminal year of study.

Working with his or her academic advisor, the student fills out the Biol 479 checklist (available here as a PDF of MS Word file).  The student must also assemble all the required supporting documentation.  The entire completed package is given to the department chair.  The properly completed checklist is then approved by the Department Chair, and this information is forwarded to the registrar.

There is no letter grade for the course, so it does not count towards the GPA.  It is a Pass/Fail course.

However, it is REQUIRED that is completed prior to graduation.  If the course is not completed, the student cannot graduate.