Extreme Physiology

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Extreme Physiology

This travel course will expose the student to the stunning and diverse environments of Arizona in the course of investigating human physiological adaptation to extreme environmental and aerobic challenges. Utilizing the student as both subject and investigator, challenges will include exposure to the desert environment, prolonged bouts of exercise (e.g., cycling, hiking, running, skiing, swimming), and extreme changes in altitude. The student will document his/her progression of cardiovascular and respiratory conditioning throughout the 3 1/2 weeks. Accompanying instruction will explore environmental challenges, adaptive mechanisms of native flora and fauna, and compensatory mechanisms operating in key human physiological systems. For a tentative course syllabus, click here.

This 3 credit course is scheduled to run for 3 1/2 weeks and will take place in Tucson, AZ, Flagstaff, AZ, and other Arizona destinations.
This course is sponsored by the University of Scranton Department of Biology, with the participation of the University of Arizona Colleges of Medicine and Nursing (Tucson) and Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff).

The course is led by Dr. Terrence E. Sweeney, Professor of Biology (sweeneyt1@scranton.edu)
Prerequisite: General Physiology (Biol. 245)

Course Enrollment Cap: 10 students maximum. Click here for an application form and for the waiver form.

Price: approximately $2350, excluding airfare (airfare currently is approx. $450-500)
University of Scranton Intersession tuition of $882 (1/3 the normal price) is additional.

Deadline to submit an application is: Thursday, September 30th with a $400 deposit (see Refund Schedule at link below for details about refunds).

Click here for Course costs, payment information, refund policy, and included expenses