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Student Grant Proposals

Calling all student researchers!

We are inviting students who are interested in conducting their own research to take advantage of this new and exciting opportunity to write a proposal and obtain your own research funding, sponsored by the Biology Department.

This program is designed to provide funding opportunities to students who are interested in pursuing research that is outside the normal areas of inquiry currently offered by the Biology faculty.  Students who are engaged in programs such as FSRP typically obtain support through the faculty member.  However, motivated and capable students who may have novel ideas for research that fall outside of current faculty efforts may be left without any financial support or mentorship.  This program is designed for these students.

Life science students who are sophomores as of Fall 2012 are eligible to apply, with the following conditions:
  • The project must be your own design and your own authored work.
  • You must have a faculty mentor, who agrees to supervise the research and who can help you write your proposal.
  • The project must be biological in nature.
  • The project must involve bench top or field research.
  • The proposal is for research expenses and  supplies only.
Proposals will be reviewed by faculty, and funding is competitive.

All proposals must strictly follow the guidelines (available here in MS Word or PDF format).

Submission Deadline: Friday, August 31, 2012 at 5:00 pm.

All proposals must be submitted electronically by email to george.gomez@scranton.edu.  A hard copy of the cover sheet may be delivered in person to LSC 382.

Download all the pertinent forms here:
  1. Instructions: MS Word or PDF format
  2. Cover Sheet: MS Word or PDF format
  3. Template for Proposal Preparation: MS Word format only
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