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Announcing our winners

The Biological Imaging Contest, sponsored by the Biology Department, aims to promote the appreciation and development of expertise in graphics arts in the life sciences. Photographs, computer-generated data images, illustrations, paintings, or of nature on campus, of research subjects, or of subjects related to coursework were submitted by students. This contest was judged by a panel of faculty, alumni, and professional photographers.

The winners of the contest were:


Photo by Abby Yavorek, Biology, Class of ‘13
Digital photo, Canon Rebel XS, 10.1 MP resolution


“This dandelion caught my eye as I was walking past the Founder's Green on campus. Soon after I captured the photo, the dangling seed was lifted away in the wind. It reminded me that soon I too will have to depart from the home that I have known for the past few years. Like these dandelion seeds that get strewn about in the air every spring, each year a new group of students graduates and departs the university, often carried by the winds of change to destinations unknown. Yet we take root, never forgetting our experiences, friendships, and newly learned skills. The influence of our humble-sized school and the values it instills in its students reaches far beyond the boundaries of the place we called home. In true Ignatian style, we really do go forth and set the world on fire.”

About the photographer:

Abby Yavorek ‘13, from Selingsgrove, PA, is a senior Biology major with a minor in Biochemistry. She aspires to be a dentist. Abby has always felt the need to engage in artistic endeavors, and has found different ways to express her creative energy – through knitting, cooking, and crafts. Her artistic inclinations have recently turned towards photography.

Armed with her Canon Rebel XS camera, Abby tries to find beauty in her most mundane surroundings, and captures the ephemeral moments both in her mind an in a photograph. As one of the contest judges said, “There is a difference between a good photograph, and a photograph taken with a good camera. Abby’s are good photographs.” Another judge commented “…her images are well composed and balanced. It is interesting how she imparts a unique perspective to her everyday subjects.”

Abby hopes that this photo and the photo contest helps inspire everyone to appreciate the beauty in the every sights and in the little moments that populate our days here in Scranton.

Honorable Mention: "Left Femur"

Illustration by Megan Chan, Biology, Class of ‘13
Graphite on paper


“This illustration came from a portfolio comprised of illustrations of the human skeleton. The illustration was created using a real human femur as a model. It is an anatomically correct depiction of the left femur, with major landmarks and projections numbered for proper labeling. I chose this illustration for its accuracy in shading, which has given it an almost three-dimensional appearance.”

Honorable Mention: "Veins"


Photo by Coralyn Almeida, Exercise Science, Class of ‘16
Digital photo, Nikon Coolpix L105

“Black and white close-up of a few leaves, showing their veins. It shows the inner beauty that many people pass without a second look.”

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